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Deodorizing Services

If you have pets in you Encino, CA home, you just might have pet urine problems. Those darling little dogs and cats sometimes can’t help themselves, and the carpet in your Sherman Oaks, CA residence suffers. Sometimes, your sub-floor, backing and padding suffer, too, and become severely damaged enough that they need to be repaired. And that pet urine odor? Ugh! Forget about it! You’ve got to get rid of pet urine smell in carpet – and fast -- or else your friends will think twice about coming over or staying long, and you’ll have trouble selling your Van Nuys, CA property. How embarrassing!

Maybe you blame your dog or cat for that pee-pee stain and odor in your Studio City, CA carpet. You shouldn’t, though, because pet urine stains, especially from cat urine, crystallizes when it dries and gives off that cat urine smell you hate so much.

Maybe you try to cut corners by using some household, over-the-counter cleaner or deodorizer, but all that does is mask the pet odor, and it won’t remove the cat urine stain if the stain isn’t brand new – and unless you catch your pet in the act, you probably won’t notice the cat urine problems that are starting to manifest themselves in your Valley Village, CA home. If your pet does its business in the same place again and again, as pets tend to do – those products will do nothing.

You need a professional to remove odor from carpet using only the most eco-friendly, non-toxic and pet-friendly solutions to your pet urine smell, and at the best cat urine odor removal prices. You need American Carpet Cleaning!

American Carpet Cleaning will come to your North Hollywood, CA home and clean that cat urine in your carpet straightaway, and we’ll do it with smiles on our faces. We also clean skunk odor, and we guarantee to remove odor from carpet on recommended service. If the backing, padding or sub-floors are damaged, American Carpet Cleaning repairs them at the best prices, too. We won’t bust your budget.

Our deodorizers are Nontoxic, Nonflammable, Non-corrosive, and even Ozone safe, to remove common odors like:
Deodorizing Services
  Pet smells,
  Musty odors and more..

Deodorizing Services

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