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Furniture Cleaning
Our technicians are experts in cleaning nearly all types of upholstery fabric, including difficult to clean materials, such as jacquard, velvet and Haitian cotton. Each item is carefully inspected to provide the most effective and safest cleaning method to extend the life of your furnishings.   Furniture Cleaning

Furniture Cleaning

Why did the chicken cross the road? To escape that dirty upholstery, of course? Seriously, upholstery cleaning is no laughing matter. You need professional upholstery cleaners who arrive at your Encino CA home or Van Nuys CA office armed with IICRC-certified technicians who give you the best upholstery cleaning service at the best upholstery cleaning prices. You need American Carpet Cleaning.

American Carpet Cleaningís knowledgeable and helpful upholstery cleaners know that discerning the various types of fabric is critical to determining the best upholstery cleaning methods and give our Valley Village CA and North Hollywood CA customers the most complete upholstery cleaning. If itís s-rated or u-rated furniture, we have the upholstery cleaning solution. If itís a car upholstery steam cleaning you need, or that suede upholstery has seen cleaner days, or if itís a silk upholstery cleaning or velvet upholstery cleaning you desire, American Carpet Cleaning guarantees the best steam cleaned upholstered furniture on recommended service or weíll clean the upholstery again at no cost. If our Studio City CA or Sherman Oaks CA customers want a great furniture steam cleaning in their cars, busses, motorhomes, boats, trucks or office dividers, American Carpet Cleaning is the professional carpet cleaner of choice.

Youíre going to want to hire a true professional upholstery cleaner because there are some unscrupulous characters out there that you could hire. Or you could try to clean upholstery yourself. Either way, itís a bad idea. Do you know the difference between s- and u-rated furniture? One requires dry steam cleaning, the other hot water extraction. Do you know which is which? American Carpet Cleaning does. Does that lackey you hired know when he has overwetted the furniture, possibly permanently damaging it with mildew or discoloration? Are any metal pieces rusting as a result of a nonprofessional effort?

Once again, American Carpet Cleaning uses the most modern upholstery cleaning methods to give you the best upholstery cleaning at the most reasonable upholstery cleaning prices. Take advantage of our upholstery cleaning coupons for additional value. When it has been 12-18 months since your last upholstery cleaning, or if your leather upholstery or any other upholstery has become dirty, call American Carpet Cleaning. No joke.





We also provide FREE pick-up and delivery, take-down and re-installation of your draperies.

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