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Wasn’t it a wonderful sight, having that new hardwood floor installed in your Encino CA home?  Almost overnight, the property value of your Sherman Oaks CA home rose. American Carpet Cleaning understands the importance of preserving your hardwood floor’s beauty and quality, so every 12-18 months you call American Carpet Cleaning and we’ll provide the best hardwood floor refinishing at the best hardwood floor refinishing prices. We offer six different sanders with various coarseness degrees so all hardwood flooring in your Studio City CA or Van Nuys CA home will be treated special. If your hardwood floor requires repair from those nails, pet scratches or furniture marks, an American Carpet Cleaning professional technician will arrive at your Valley Village CA or North Hollywood CA home and mend. You want your hardwood floor stained? Your hardwood flooring needs stripping or waxing? A buff or recoat is what your hardwood floors requires? American Carpet Cleaning has our Encino CA-area customers (un)covered.

It makes no difference if your hardwood flooring is maple, oak, redwood, parquet or pine. American Carpet Cleaning handles all hardwood floor types. If your hardwood flooring isn’t limited to the floor (if it’s stairs, mantles, doors, kitchen cabinets or railings), we’ll give it the TLC it has deserved ever since it was installed in your Encino CA home. And we offer the best hardwood floor refinishing at the best hardwood floor refinishing prices. Our professionals won’t use the wrong type of polyurethane on your hardwood floor. Nor will they sand the hardwood floor in one place for too long. Your hardwood flooring will be restored to like-new condition, its luster and shine as magnificent as it was on Day One. When American Carpet Cleaning completes your hardwood floor refinishing, you won’t know we ever were in Studio City CA or Sherman Oaks CA because we vacuum away the dust and dirt. Little odor remains from the work we did on your hardwood floors.

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